Hardware for laminated wood windows and doors

Maco Maco

The hardware with which is equipped our laminated wood carpentry is only Maco.

Our experience in using various types of hardware led us to a clear decision in terms of implementating MACO system on wood structures. This decision believes that a customer who chooses carpentry of laminated wood is a special type, is demanding, better informed and wants what is best and we want our products to be highly regarded on the market.

MACO Windows and Doors Hardware

Maco is ideal for laminated wood windows and doors. We use the Maco Multi-Trend formulas, thus obtaining a very good price/quality ratio.


  • windows and doors with single wing
  • windows and doors in two wings with specials locks mounted on secondary wing
  • windows and doors for terraces with one or two wings, with the possibility of tilt-sliding, left-right, SKB system
  • windows with the possibility to be opened by a remote drive (manual or automatic)
  • windows with various custom shapes

Technical description:

  • Maco closing mechanisms are mounted in folds and operated by a handle. All locking mechanisms are made for standard hardware channel 16.3 mm wide and 2.5 mm deep.
  • Automatic locking steel rolls, scissors, additional closures and the corner transmission are adjustable with Torx key.
  • Additional closings.
  • Maximum weight of the wing is 100 kg (for arched windows the maximum weight is 60 kg).
  • Arms of tilt-swing scissors allow, as standard or with optional spring for groove ventilation, additional ventilation positions resulting in an additional comfort.
  • Scissors' arms are provided with safety brake.
  • Special properties by using high quality materials. Exceptional finish. Enhanced anti-corrosion coatings. Alkaline environment resistance.
  • Multiple functions as standard. Protection system against accidental opening.
  • Quaranteed for 60000 clos/open cycles.
  • Special lubricating layer of moving parts which reduces friction and noise and prolongs the duration of use.
  • Fully adjustable. Adjustable in every direction!
  • Upper hinge and scissors' arms are equipped with brakes which ensure the smooth opening of the window.
  • Traffic doors benefit from GTS multi-lock burglar-proof system.