Our PVC windows are made using VEKA or Gealan profiles. The variety of types of existing profiles allows you to choose between various available configurations.
All the windows, regardless of the number of chambers and hardware, are guaranteed for prolonged operation and resistance.

VEKA Doors

In the construction of PVC doors the profiles and specific reinforcements provided by VEKA or Gealan are standards compliant, resulting in product rigidity. Also, the multipoint hardware type ensures perfect sealing across the door's contour.

Wooden Wooden carpentry

Laminated wood windows and doors are made of spruce, meranti or oak. The ability to personalize the house is very high due to many finishing options in different shades.

Insulating glass

Energy efficiency of buildings is a growing concern for many. Glazing has a major role in stopping heat loss and greenhouse effect in many homes.
Now you can choose the right type of glass both in terms of thermal insulation and solar protection, but also from the architectural point of view. We give a wider space to this chapter.
More and more, the type of insulating glass with low-e or solar control feature becomes a standard equipment of carpentry. Find the best insulating glass that meets the criteria of modern housing and environmental protection.

Accessories for PVC Accesories for PVC

Jambs, sills, rolling shutters and insect screens are important accessories for PVC. Their choice will ensure the premise of a complete carpentry equipment, providing additional protection but also creating complete finishes for the house.
All the accessories carry the same quality and tone as the chosen joinery.