Wooden windows and doors

We produce window and door carpentry since early 2002, at small-scale but fair, respecting the basic principles for such a field. In fact, we can say that our strong point in terms of laminated wood is the passion and experience with these systems, through the years, noting "behavior blade while but through learning and continuous adjustments to the products.

About wood we can say that can be used in building windows and doors, only if it's know in detail all aspects of stability, production methodology, selection, finish, choice of accessories, in other words, the effects can be disastrous for the client if not you account for a number of important issues in terms of recommendation, manufacture and installation of joinery of wood.

Instead, the option for such a well executed joinery system, can ensure a full and long lasting satisfaction over the decision.

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  • profile of triple stratified wood processed in the standard rate (eurofaltz or euronut) of oak, pine or meranti. On request we can provide you with other types available in the market in Romania (merbau, eucalyptus, larch, northern-pine, Teac, wenge, etc.)
  • section 68 mm x 83 mm for windows and 68 mm x 110 mm for doors. Exterior doors have double profile in the bottom of the frame, which provide resistance to large openings (1000-1250 mm width on the fold)
  • laminated wood humidity 8% to 12 maximum at the processing time;
  • thermal coefficient 0.4 W / m 2 K for profiles of softwood and 0.55 W / m 2 K for profiles of hardwood;
  • EPDM gaskets for tightness, gaskets are interchangeable so you can manually replace easily;
  • aluminum drip edge painted in electrostatic field to protect the bottom of the frame and water drain to outside, fitted with rubber caps to seal your replacement heads;
  • insulating glass 4-16-4, low-e, Solar4S + argon, laminated glass, reflexive, mat or different models; on the laminated wood windows can be mounted triple glazing up to 44 mm thick (4-12-4-12-4).
  • Protection against water, UV rays and freeze-thaw phenomenon by treating the wood with water-based paint (ICLA-Italy) specially designed for operation from outside.
    Elastic structure of the paint that allows wood to breathe, and significantly increasing lifespan; It can easily repaint after 10 years using ICLA maintenance kit, or any water based paint fron the commerce
  • Quality hardware Maco - Austria, one of the top hardware systems on the market, guaranteed at over 60,000 cycles of opening closing.GTSsystems for multipoint locking doors have lifetime warranty on producer.
  • Paint using pump type air-mix , which ensure uniformity of the paint and an extra guarantee coated than 250 microns thick.

Advantages of laminated wood:

  • Laminated wood is safer, more durable and more resistant over time.
  • Laminated wood, by definition, turned right on Joiner items, destroying the myth "that works" so has solved the problems of bending, warp, and no longer work in good time to creating further inconvenience.
  • Laminated wood is now possible customization of a house, detaching themselves categorically from other building materials used in carpentry by natural, unique aesthetic fiber and color.
  • Laminated wood has a compact organic internal structure , stand in the natural environment without suffering major changes of properties over time.
  • Wood laminated permanent breathing, no condensation on the profile almost never do.
  • Laminated wood allows the creation of shapes, textures and unique colors in the carpentry area and beyond. This can get round such as the radius of 300 mm, which on other systems carpentry (pvc, aluminum is unsustainable).
  • Laminated wood doors can be personalized by each dream, freedom of movement in creative has no limits here.
  • Laminated wood is for lifetime . Thus using a kit for rebuilding annual basis, based on applicable safety heaven with a simple cloth, you can protect woodwork annually without the need for repainting time. We have this kit permanently.
  • Laminated wood is 100% organic
  • Laminated wood not dilate, so system stability is assured regardless of the season. We know that countries with large annual temperature variations were adopted as ideal reference system joinery wood.