Veka Softline 70 PVC carpentry


We created for you a high security joinery configuration:
Veka Softline 70, 5 chambers, Class A +
Burglar-proof Maco hardware fixed in the reinforcement +
Triple glazing, Solar4S - Clear - Lowe, with Argon
Safety and superior thermal coefficient at the best price on the market.
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Z type window frame

Solutions for quick restoration and clean work

Now, the Z type window frame is available in stock.
This frame is used when installing windows on older (existing) frames without removing them. It is available for Veka Softline 70 white and color profile.
There is a major advantage by using this option, because you no longer need to do repairs around the new frame.
Wing width is 35mm or 65mm, but other sizes are possible, according to customer needs.

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Veka Softline 82

Veka SL 82

The new Veka Softline 82 is also present in the area of price calculator. SL 82 is characterized by unparalleled performance in terms of thermal efficiency.
Insulating glass of 52 mm thick, with a low transfer coefficient can be fitted only on SL 82, transforming the windows into a perfect thermal barrier, optimized for passive houses.
Find more advantages in the special section dedicated to SL 82 on the site.


From March 2008 we have successfully implemented quality assurance standards ISO 9001, and the ISO 14001 environmental management systems in our company. This allows us to apply "CE" markings on our windows and doors.

Certified CE marking




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SunControl glass

Did you know that now there is Guardian insulating glass optimized to protect all 4 seasons of the year? Summer cold and winter heat in your house. Enjoy this type of glass! The usual names of this SolarControl insulating glass are DualProtect, Planitherm, 4 Seasons, etc.. In our online price calculator, this glass can be found under the name Solar 4S.

Guardian insulating glass Insulating glass