Doors hardware

GU Maco

The hardware used in the manufacture of PVC doors is also provided by GU or Maco.

Is very important that the doors receive quality hardware because they are mobile elements of traffic in a building. The moving parts (hinges, locks, handles) are among the most important items within a hardware.

Fitting doors with one of the two kinds regards your prior choice, this being reflected on the price but also on the quality. Maco GTS 5-point closing systems have extended warranty (10 years) which gives extra confidence in the product. Sometimes, depending on the system and the supplier's stock availability for certain items, one may use hardware elements belonging to similar marks, in compliance with quality standards and guarantees for the given product.

Both types have multiple adjustments, so any problem generated during the "settling" of the door after installation can be corrected quickly without affecting product quality.

GU Hardware

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GU is ideal hardware for traffic doors. It's 3D hinges, multipoint door locks and BKS key cylinders are especially useful. The quality/price ratio is very good.


  • doors in one wing
  • two-wing doors with mobile mullion

Technical description of the multipoint lock GU-Europa:

  • GU closing mechanisms are mounted in a handle folds and operated by a handle. All locking mechanisms are made for standard hardware channel 16.3 mm wide and 2.5 mm deep.
  • Automatic locking steel rolls are adjustable with Torx key
  • Possibility of mounting burglar-proof pins
  • Increased corrosion protection in the ferGUard silver version

Maco Hardware


With the MACO GTS multipoint locking systems you get a high quality product. The important detail is the guarantee of 10 years granted by the manufacturer.

Maco Advantages

  • Great properties due to the high quality metrials used. Exceptional finish. Enhanced anti-corrosion coatings. Alkaline environment resistance.
  • Warranty up to 10 years.
  • Special lubrication layer of moving parts which reduces friction and noise and prolongs the duration of use.
  • Higher tolerances and adjustments for closing options. Pressure adjustment devices.
  • Included internal spring that allows the door handle to return to it's original position after being pressed.