Kits for joinery maintainance

Kits for white PVC

PVC maintainance kit

Kit for maintenance of white PVC profiles.
Made in Germany

Polish for white PVC

  • Removes scratches on white PVC profiles
  • Contains oil for annual lubrication of fine mechanisms
  • Recommended for all owners, regardless of the PVC joinery brand
  • Reconditions
  • Provides extended hardware life span
  • It requires no special or technical knowledge in the field for use

Delivered in a box with 3 containers. User manual included.

Cleaner for traces of adhesive tape on PVC joinery

Removes traces of adhesive tape from PVC profiles

Removes traces of adhesive tape from PVC profiles. Produced by 3M

Description: Spray cleaner/degreaser, very effective on difficult to remove deposits, such as oil, grease, traces of dirt, adhesive tape residue or adhesive materials.
It's active substance is based on citrus oil and does not contain chlorinated compounds, solvents from the distillation of oil, acids or caustic substances.
It is colorless and emulsifies on contact with water.

Procedure: Shake the spray well before use. Place the tip of the nozzle towards the cleaning point without forcing it to rotate. Firmly press the nozzle for a uniform coating; apply to all contaminated surfaces. Wait a few minutes to soak. Wipe with a clean cloth. You may wash with water or wipe with a damp cloth. The best results are obtained by working at room temperature. When removing traces of adhesive is desired, cleaner can be applied several times, successively, until the complete dissolution of the residues.

Laminated wood maintainance kit
Laminated wood maintainance kit
Laminated wood maintainance kit

Kits for laminated wood

Annual maintenance kit for laminated wood joinery
Producer: ICA Italy

Maintains and extends the wood's finishes.
Without the application of this treatment, laminated wood will suffer in 3-4 years. It is applied easily and requires no technical knowledge or expertise in the field.
Applicable only on water-base paints and varnishes.

Kit contents:

  • Fast Cleaner - neutral detergent for quick cleaning
  • Fast Coat - clear liquid wax
  • Fast Finish - transparent water-base varnish
  • Protective gloves
  • Protective tape
  • Cloth
  • Brush
  • Abrasive sponge for frosting
  • Instructions: Italian, Romanian
  • Transport box

Color correction pen for PVC

Permanent marker - Color PVC correction
Made in Germany

Colors available: Golden-oak, Mahogany, Dark brown

  • Covers some of the scratches
  • To be used only partially
  • Requires artistic skills
  • Delivered in a tube