Hardware for PVC windows

GU Maco Roto

The hardware used by us in the manufacture of windows is provided by two large producers in Europe, GU, Roto and Maco.

The three types distinguish themselves by excellent mechanical properties for intensive use. They are produced in Germany and Austria, respecting quality standards and norms in the field.

Fitting windows with one of the two kinds regards your prior choice, this being reflected on the price but also on the quality. Maco can be an excellent choice when extra functions are required. Sometimes, depending on the system and the supplier's stock availability for certain items, one may use hardware elements belonging to similar marks, in compliance with quality standards and guarantees for the given product.

All types have multiple adjustments, so any problem generated during the "settling" of the window after installation can be corrected quickly without affecting product quality.

GU Hardware

GU hardware is ideal for windows and balcony doors. We use Euro-JET and Uni-JET, thus obtaining a very good price/quality ratio.


  • windows in one wing
  • windows in two wings with mobile mullion
  • windows with possibility of opening from a remote drive (manual or automatic)
  • windows with various shapes

Technical description:

  • GU closing mechanisms are mounted in folds and operated by a handle. All locking mechanisms are made for standard hardware channel 16.3 mm wide and 2.5 mm deep.
  • Automatic locking steel rolls, scissors, additional locks and the corner transmission are adjustable by Torx and fastened by compensating springs attached to the groove; spring course is 1.2 mm.
  • Maximum weight of the wing is 100 kg (for arched windows the maximum weight is 60 kg).
  • Arms of tilt-swing scissors allow - as standard or with optional spring for groove ventilation - additional ventilation positions resulting in additional comfort.
  • Scissors' arms are equipped with safety.

Maco Hardware


We use MULTI_TREND, adapted to all variants of PVC windows openings. Our recommendation is to choose this type of hardware in order to take advantage of a high quality final product.

Maco Benefits

  • Great properties due to the high quality metrials used. Corrosion cover for more resistance.
  • Multiple functions as standard. Accidentally open protection insured system.
  • Quaranteed for 60000 close/open cycles.
  • Special lubricating layer of moving parts which reduces friction and noise and prolongs the duration of use.
  • Upper hinges and scissors' arms are equipped with brakes which ensures the smooth opening of the window.